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“The Cipher” January 9, 2009

Posted by Sameer in Life.
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Life has its own cycle of happiness and those gloomy days, dedicated to this is my creation “Cipher”

when you find you are alone,

and you realise your dreams have blown,

when you see nothing around,

niether you hear a word nor a sound…

there you find, backs turned to you,

when you have no friend to walk to,

when at crossroads of life-

you cant make out-

wheres the truth where are lies..

then there are times you feel nothings left,

no hope in the eyes and smiles swept,

when thorns in the path make you falter,

sorrow of a love makes your heart shatter..

look above into the horizons beyond,

to the father of life…..

that of an ant and everything in sight.

In him you will find whatever you lost,

the love, happiness you ever dreamt of,

Let him carry the pain in your heart,

believe in the path for a new start…

grace the light pure and true,

light to spread to many like you..

and make understand everyman–

put together sorrow and happiness,

what you see is a cipher.


The Ignited Mind January 5, 2009

Posted by Sameer in Radical & Free.
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A thought somewhere deep within,

relentlessly, waves around,

is it a freedom, that I feel I see

or it’s a fortune, yet to be found.

why is it that, I am bound…

by religion, beliefs and uneven grounds.


why am I silent, when wrong prevails..

the lamb gets a cross, and evil hails,

why do I rest over a heap of lies?

how can I ignore those innocent cries.


why can’t I say truth without fear?

why do I tremble when the test is near.

why is it my heart doesn’t burn,

their tears don’t move,

not the voices, make me turn..


why are, my endeavors so meek,

eyes are gloomy, voice so weak,

why do I qualm, on the light I see,

isn’t this…….. the path I seek?


When can I believe, When will I see,

like a sailor I crave, for a land to be,

I pray to my lord, my god to thee,

touch my soul and set me free,


that day I shall smile, may be I will cry,

but will spread my wings and look to the sky,

I will say, my father here I am,

look…… here I am……ready to fly.


that’s my prayer, my god, to thee,

help me to be, the way you made me,

be generous, be faithful and please be kind,

let me have……….. the peace I find

let me have………. an Ignited Mind